Who is Bruce Dumes and what is Dumes.net?

Dumes.net is a website that I created for my family and extended family. A lot of relatives have written to me since I started this and said basically, "This is the kind of thing that a lot of people talk about doing, but you actually did it." What got me to do it was seeing my father suffering from Alzheimer's. I realized that unless I do something QUICK to preserve as much as I can of what people remember about our family history, there is so much we might lose. I have a friend who told me that after his mother passed away, he found three boxes of photographs, all without any notes as to who they were. He doesn't know if they were family or friends, and there is no one left for him to ask.

The project started with just a basic family tree, with data that my Mom and Dad (Phyllis and Stanley Dumes) had been collecting. Being a programming type, the site evolved pretty quickly.

Another family project that has been ongoing since I started the site was to scan in family photos and archive them here on the website. This way they are annotated, dated, preserved and shared. If anyone has family photos that they want to share as part of this, I would be delighted to host them here. Please share them!

My grandfather started taking home movies back in the 1930's, and another of my family projects has been to transfer these to DVD. It's a very time-consuming process, but these are now in a form that can be shared.

I fit into the family tree this way:

The Dumes family, for at least as far back as 1780, came from Viski. When my grandfather was a boy, Viski was in Russia, in the gubernia (a district) of Vitebsk, named for the largest city in the gubernia. After the Russian revolution, Viski reverted back to Latvia, and is still there today.

In another page of the website, I detail the family tree was far back as we know it, but suffice it to say that my great-grandparents Chaim Yehushua Dumes and Sheina Freda (or Hyman George and Sadie Silk Dumes) lived in Viski from their birth around 1860. My great-grandfather died in 1904. Their youngest child was Wulf (who in America became William Jacob) Dumes, who came to the US in 1911 with his mother, brother Arthur and sister Anna. The other siblings had already travelled to the US. William Jacob Dumes married Freda Fialco and they had two children, Mildred and Stanley. Stanley is my Dad.

It's my hope that this site will exist a long time and be an ongoing thing, so that the family tree info will always be as up-to-date as possible and that this will provide a way for extended family to stay in touch. Thinking long range, I'd like to work it out somehow so that this site could continue on after me, though I plan on being around for another few decades anyway. :-)

Bruce Dumes, January 2005