Family Tree In Viski

Immigration To America


Let's start with a review of our geography. We'll need this to fully appreciate information that is coming up shortly.

In the Russian Empire before the Bolshevik Revolution, the Empire was divided into districts known as Gubernias, which were named for the largest city in the district. Our Gubernia was Vitebsk. Our home was a small place called Vitebsk, which was actually the birthplace of Catherine the Great. I'm not sure Cathy stuck around Viski too long, though.

The Vitebsk Gubernia occupied land that now exists in modern day Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. Viski is in the Southeast end of Latvia.

If you want to read more details on the history of Viski, click HERE .

What's in a name?

By the way, according to Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in the Russian Empire(Alexander Beider, 1993), the name Dumes (and variants like Domashevskij) comes from the village Domashi in modern day Belarus. Viski is 38 miles from Domashi. Domashi, even smaller than Viski, doesn't appear on the map.

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