Sites I've created...mostly

I thought a links page would be a good way to not only keep track of everything I'm working on :-), but a chance to direct you to some other pages that might be of interest to you. First are the sites of my own creation, and after that, I'll start adding some sites that may be of interest to you.

Tangential Family Web Sites

` The family of Joshua Mordechai (Marcus) and Chasha (Anna) Fialcow

Marcus and Anna Fialcow came to America from Pinsk in what is now Belarus and settled in Cincinnati Ohio. They had a passle of kids, one of which was Freda Fialco Dumes, my grandmother.

` The family of David and Leah Zucker

David Zucker's family came to America from Romania and settled in Chicago. Ida Zucker married Harry Abels, and had two children, Jerry Abels Solar and Phyllis Abels Dumes, my Mom.

` The familes of Harry Abels

Harry Abels was the father of my mother Phyllis Abels Dumes, who married Stanley H. Dumes. Harry had been married before that to Anna Rappaport, who died in 1926. They had a son, David Abels, his descendants are my cousins as well.

`Designs by Sunny The family of Emma Pollack Fialco

Emma Fialco was married the Charles ("Uncle Charlie") Fialco, who was the older brother of my grandmother, Freda Fialco Dumes, who married William J. Dumes.

This site isn't mine. It is run by Sunny Deuber, 1st cousin once removed to Emma.

` Another Dumesh family of Viski

This is the family of our friend Vadim Dumesh, his father Genrikh and his grandfather Leiser. Leiser has written some amazing stories about his father, Israel Dumesh and his Uncle Moisey and how his family survived the war. He has also recently written another one on his childhood in Viski. I really can picture life in Viski in the early 1900's now. It must have been a wonderful place in many ways. I can see why my grandfather as a nine year old boy was so reluctant to leave.

Other Sites I've Worked On

` RMB -- The first few months

Back in late '87, before the web and chatrooms, we thought usenet was the cat's bananas. This was kind of like public email, where you subscribed to a group and posted in much the same way (or exactly the same way) as you send an email, except that it'd go to this newsgroup. Usenet still exists, of course, as does (RMB). But these early posts were not archived anywhere until the founder of the group, Jim Kendall, contacted us to say that he had these boxes of all the early posts that he'd printed out at the time, and would it be possible to use them? I scanned them and created a "usenet-like" web interface. Sad to say that Jim passed away in late August 2007, just before we unvieled this site to commemorate the 20th anniversary of RMB.

` The Family History Tour

Follow the adventures of D and Bruce (my wife and myself) as we travel through Europe doing research and finding places of family history. For D's family, we tour through Germany and Denmark and them to Latvia for the Dumes side.

` The JewishGEN Lativa Website

Hopefully, if you are at all interested in Jewish Genealogy, you are very familiar with! A SIG is a "Special Interest Group". When I found out in early June 2006, just before the Dumesh family reunion, that Viski was a shtetl in Latvia and that the town still exists, JewishGEN and the people of the Latvia SIG provided me with a wealth of data that made everything else I've found possible.

I am the webmaster for the Latvia SIG website.

` The JewishGEN Viski Shtetl Website

JewishGEN encourages people to create a website for their family's shtetl if one doesn't already exist. Being a website kinda guy :-), I was thrilled to put something together to represent our old Dumes hometown in Europe. The background image is from a bible that was given to Hy Dumes by his parents, Louis and Rebecca Stein Dumes on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah. My cousin Jeff Dumes, Hy's son, was kind enough to let me make a scan of it at the reunion. The inscription was written in Yiddish by Louis. Thank you Jeff! This is a blog that I started to follow my progress in learning Russian. It's mostly an open diary, just things that I'm working on, thinking about, finding out from others, etc. It's a pretty big deal, learning another language and Russian is a toughie. But I like what it does for my brain, so I'm sticking to it. Wish me luck! :-)