The latest Dumes family reunion took place June 23-25, 2006, in Indianapolis.

[Click on the picture (above) to see everyone's name.]

The family tree took up 32 feet of wall space!

You can view many pictures from the reunion in "scrapbook" form or in "slideshow" form. If you'd like a CD with the photos in full resolution, contact Art Lieberman or Bruce Dumes.

You can watch a short movie I put together from video I took, along with the photos.

To view this movie in a larger size or download a copy, CLICK HERE

The reunion team:
    Art Lieberman (Scotch Plains, NJ) Art @
    Bruce Dumes (Los Angeles) BruceDumes @
    Pat Clark (Scotch Plains, NJ) Pat @
    Jethro Lieberman (Ardsley NY) Jethro @
    Jo Shifrin (Ardsley NY) Jo @
    Dana Renay-Lopes (Indianapolis) Dana @
    Jaellayna Palmer (Ayr, Ontario) J @

The team leader...
Art Lieberman

Look who came:

Charles Kaplan [AACB] [of George & Mitzie Kaplan] (Florida)
John & Marylan Karp [ABAB] [of Jeanette & Ben Karp] (Georgia)
Ben, Elizabeth & Wyeth Karp[ABABA] [of John & Marylan Karp] (Georgia)
Adam & Dana Karp [ABABB] [of John & Marylan Karp] (Georgia)
Karen & Marv Finkelstein [ABAC] [of Jeanette & Ben Karp] (Florida)
Jennifer, Christopher, Andrew & Jordan Hall [ABACB] [of Karen & Marv Finkelstein] (Georgia)
Beverly & Tom Mahone [ABAD] [of Jeanette & Ben Karp] (Georgia)
Becky Dumes [ABBB] [Hy & Irene DUmes] (Florida)
Jeff & Jill Dumes, Joseph Dumes, Jacob Hall [ABBC] [of Hyman & Irene Dumes] (Indiana)
Bill & Elaine Dumes [ABC] [of Louis & Rebecca Dumes] (Indiana)
SharonMarshall [ABCA] [of Bill & Elaine Dumes] (Ohio)
Bobby Dumes [ABCB] [of Bill & Elaine Dumes] (Ohio)
Michael & Linda Dumes [ABDA] [of Sol & Rose Dumes] (Georgia)
Kimberly Gabin [ABDAB] [of Michael & Linda Dumes] (Georgia)
Randy, Melissa, Addison & Abe Dumes [ABDD] [of Sol & Rose Dumes] (Kentucky)
Lillian & Sam Zoll [ABE] [of Louis Dumes] (Florida)
Cyril-Ann Zoll Rosenberg [ABEA] [of Lillian & Sam Zoll] (Florida)
Debbie Altschuler [ABEB] [of Lillian & Sam Zoll] (Massachusetts)
Jethro Lieberman & Jo Shifrin [ACAA] [of Ben & Elizabeth Lieberman] (New York)
Ed & Ellen Lieberman [ACBA] [of Hy & Annie Lieberman] (Missouri)
Phil Lieberman & Mary MacGregor [ACDA] [of Nathan & Pauline Lieberman] (Indiana)
Dana Renay-Lopes and Maxwell, Jacob & Ella[ACDAA] [of Phil Lieberman] (Indiana)
Art Lieberman & Pat Clark [ACDC] [of Nathan & Pauline Lieberman] (New Jersey)
Jaellayna & John Palmer [ACEB] [of Dora & Lenny Lasky] (Ontario)
Harry & Caroline Lieberman [ACF] [of Rebecca & Abe Lieberman] (California)
Alan & Libby Fishman [AEAA] [of Bill & Clara Fishman] (Florida)
Ruth & Al Zimbler [AEC] [of Fannie & Max Fishman] (Illinois)
Phyllis Miller [AECA] [of Al & Ruth Zimbler] (California)
Jay Zimbler [AECB] [of Ruth & Al Zimbler] (Illinois)
Jon Zimbler [AECBC] [of Jay & Idyth Zimbler] (Illinois)
Debra & son Nathan Landay [AECC] [of Al & Ruth Zimbler] (Illinois)
Ed Zimbler [AECD] [of Ruth & Al Zimbler] (Illinois)
Mel &Beth Tockman [AFBA] [of Edna & Irving Tockman] (Florida)
David Tockman [AFBAA] [of Mel & Beth Tockman] (Florida)
Janet & Marty Kernis [AFBB] [of Edna & Irving Tockman] (North Carolina)
Ariel Kernis & Sonja Pieck [AFBBA] [of Janet & Marty Kernis] (Chicago)
Dan Tockman [AFBCA] [of Stuart Tockman & Sue Kogan] (Florida)
Mildred Dansker [AGA] [of Bill & Freda Dumes] (Indiana)
Anita Dansker [AGAA] [of Mildren & David Dansker] (Indiana)
Adrien Himm [AGAB] [of Mildren & David Dansker] (Indiana)
Alan & Kathleen Dansker [AGAC] [of Mildred & David Dansker] (Indiana)
Phyllis Dumes [AGb] [wife of Stan Dumes] (Indiana)
Harold Dumes [AGBA] [of Stan & Phyllis Dumes] (Indiana)
Tracy Carson & Jacob [AGBBA] [of Sandi & Gary Simmons] (Indiana)
Bruce & Debra Dumes and Malcom & Corran Bellman [AGBC] [of Stan & Phyllis Dumes] (California)
Nicole, Jeffrey & Gregory Dumes [AGBCA] [of Bruce Dumes] (Massachusetts)


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1980 Reunion

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