Hopefully, more of these will appear. Please, if you have any audio or video of people discussing Dumes family history, PLEASE contact me.

Freda Dumes July 26, 1977

Lillian Dumes Zoll narrative

Max Fishman May 11, 1975

This is a fascinating interview with Ruth Zimbler, Bill Dumes of Evansville, Pauline Lieberman, Irene Dumes and Phil Lieberman at the Cooker Restaurant in Evansville,Indiana where they discuss family history.

By the way, at some point, I'm going to make some editorial notes because some of the memories here are incorrect regarding when family came to America and in what configurations.

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This is another very interesting movie featuring Ruth Fishman Zimbler. Here she's giving a tour of the family graves in the cemetary in Evansville. There are lots of Dumes and Lieberman folks in addition to the Fishmans.

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